Haunted Brownsville PA: Ghost Expedition 2014 Nemacolin Castle

Nemacolin Castle dates to 1789. Constructed as a trading post by frontiersman Jacob Bowman, it served immigrant settlers making their way to Ohio country

The estate takes its name from the Delaware Indian Chief Nemacolin, who was instrumental in helping settlers transit the area

Parts of the home were constructed from remnants of the Old Redstone Fort, which was an outpost in the French and Indian War

Nemacolin Castle was home to three generations of the Bowman family spanning over 170 years. The estate expanded to its present form in 1840 acquiring an east wing and an octagonal tower

Currently Nemacolin Castle is home to the Brownsville Historical Society. The estate was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975

The property is considered to be quite haunted and may host up to ten spirits to include the late Jacob Bowman and possibly other Bowman family members

Several apparitions reportedly have been sighted on the upper floor. Among them are: an elegant woman in a white dress; a matron in a black dress; a woman in a purple period dress; and a curly-haired girl

Male shadow forms and apparitions have been witnessed in the basement. The ghost of Jacob Bowman himself reportedly has been seen in the library

Kinetic activity (e.g. object displacements/ movements) have also been reported in the library

Given the potential for a elevated levels of activity, the ghost expedition will seek optimize video and audio coverage in all high-interest zones


Nemacolin Castle [Bowman’s Castle] WEST ELEVATION FROM NW (April 1963), Brownsville PA.  Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey

Nemacolin Castle [Bowman’s Castle] WING TO NORTH OF MAIN SECTION FROM NORTHWEST (April 1963), Brownsville PA.  Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey

Nemacolin Castle [Bowman’s Castle] FIRST FLOOR, CENTRAL ROOM, SHOWING FIREPLACE AND BAKE OVEN (April 1963), Brownsville PA.  Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey

Nemacolin Castle [Bowman’s Castle] WEST ELEVATION (April 1963), Brownsville PA.  Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey

Haunted Sharpsburg Maryland: The Battle of Antietam September 17 1862

The Battle of Antietam was fought on September 17, 1862 near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Antietam Creek.

It was the first major battle in the American Civil War on Union soil and the most tragic single-day battle in American history entailing 23,110 casualties (dead, wounded and missing) and had transformed the small town into a burial ground.

The battle matched Confederate forces commanded by General Robert E Lee against the Union forces led by General George B McClellan.  

In the early morning hours heavy fighting occurred in the cornfields and woods in the vicinity of Dunker’s Church 

By mid-day the heaviest fighting was centered in the area of Sunken Road and resulted in over 5000 casualties, giving it the name “Bloody Lane” 

In the late afternoon and evening General Ambrose P Burnside captured the stone bridge over Antietam creek pushing battered Confederate forces into Sharpsburg  

The following morning saw skirmishes however most Confederate forces had retreated to Virginia 

Although the battle was a tactical stalemate, President Lincoln used the Confederate withdrawal from the battlefield to announce the Emancipation Proclamation on September 23 1862.

President Lincoln would later visit the battlefield on October 3 1862 and heavily criticized General McClellan for not pursuing and finishing Confederate forces.  President Lincoln removed General McClellan from command of the Army of the Potomac the following month.

Reported haunted locations in connection with the battle include: Burnside Bridge; Sunken Road (Bloody Lane); Philip Pry Farm House which served as General McClellan’s headquarters; Piper House and Grove Farm House, which were used as makeshift Confederate hospitals.

Antietam National Cemetery was dedicated in 1867, five years after the battle. The cemetery, located at the eastern edge of Sharpsburg on the Boonsboro Road, has the remains of 4,776 Federal soldiers. 



[Antietam, Maryland. Dead Soldiers in Ditch on the Right Wing where Kimball’s Brigade Fought so Desperately], Sharpsburg MD (Sep 1862), Library of Congress. Photo: Alexander Gardner

[Antietam, Maryland. Bodies in Front of the Dunker Church], Sharpsburg MD (Sep 1862), Library of Congress. Photo: Alexander Gardner

[Battle of Antietam, Maryland - Burnside’s Division Carrying the Bridge over the Antietam Creek and Storming the Rebel Position, After a Desperate Conflict of Four Hours, Wednesday, September 17], Sharpsburg MD (Sep 1862), Library of Congress, Wood Engraving. Artist: Edwin Forbes

[The Charge Across the Burnside Bridge - Antietam], Sharpsburg MD (Sep 1862), Library of Congress, Pencil Drawing. Artist: Edwin Forbes

Overview of the Battle of Antietam: Map of the Battle of Antietam of the American Civil War. Created on Oct 25 2010.  Illustrator: by Hal Jespersen. 

[Antietam, Maryland. President Lincoln with Gen. George B. McClellan and Group of Officers], Sharpsburg MD (Oct 3 1862) at Grove Farm House, Library of Congress. Photo: Alexander Gardner

Piper House, W Elevation (1999), Sharpsburg, Washington County, MD. Maryland Historic Trust. Photo: Merry Stinson

Philip Pry Farm House, Boonsboro Pike (SR 34), Sharpsburg, Washington County, MD. Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey

Grove Farm House, NW Elevation, Sharpsburg, Washington County, MD. Library of Congress, Historic American Buildings Survey

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L’Atmosphere: Météorologie Populaire (1888), Paris. Illustration: Camille Flammarion

Duke University Parapsychology Lab (c1935). Source: The Haunted Librarian

Historic Savage Mill Ghost Tours Begin Saturday, Sept 20th! [2014]

Purchase your tickets online at http://www.visithowardcounty.com/ghost-tours/ghost-walks-in-historic-savage-mill.
[Historic Savage Mill]
See also the Historic Savage Mill MD Ghost Expedition 2014 for background about the resident ghosts to include Rebecca King  and  Frances Reeley.
Historic Savage Mill Ghost Tours Begin Saturday, Sept 20th! [2014]

Haunted Linthicum Heights Maryland:  Benson-Hammond House Ghost Expedition 2014

The Benson-Hammond House dates back to around 1825 where it was home to Thomas and Nancy Benson, and built on land called “Addition to Timber Ridge.”

The modest farmhouse was expanded after the Civil War to accommodate the growing family of Joseph and Mary Susannah Benson and their eleven children. Joseph re-named the property Cedar Farm.

In 1887, Cedar Farm was acquired by Thomas and Rezin Hammond. Rezin Howard Hammond took residence in the home and operated the land as a truck farm which provided produce to local and Baltimore markets.

As was custom with farms in the area, Polish immigrant workers were employed to harvest crops.

Hammond family members continued to live there until 1947 when the land was acquired for the construction of Friendship airport.

The Maryland State Aviation Administration leased the property to the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society (AACHS) in 1974.

AACHS reopened the home as a museum in 1982. The home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

The Benson-Hammond home has acquired a haunted reputation having been investigated by a number local area paranormal groups over recent years.

The property at one time contained multiple graves that were relocated for the building of Friendship Airport.

A historical society librarian who was working in the home overnight reported that she was awakened by a music box that was playing.

The upper floor is considered to be very active. One active room was earlier remodeled as a child’s bedroom; it’s original purpose is unknown.

In past investigations, there have been consistent audio references to “George” (possibly the late George Milton Benson?).

Prior investigations have also obtained regular and sentence-length references in audio to “Benson”, “Mary”, “Tommy”, and “Tom.”

The ghost expedition will attempt to clarify potential presences there.



Benson-Hammond House (NE Elevation), Linthicum Heights MD. 1984. National Register of Historic Places. Photographer: Donna Ware 

Benson-Hammond House, Linthicum Heights MD. Ann Arrundell County Historical Society. Photographer: Matthew Cole 

Friendship International Airport (c1950), Kilduff’s

Benson-Hammond House (Polish immigrant farm workers), Linthicum Heights MD. Ann Arrundell County Historical Society 

Benson-Hammond House (circa 1940), Linthicum Heights MD.  Ann Arrundell County Historical Society


Haunted Savage Mill Maryland: Historic Savage Mill Ghost Expedition 2012
Savage Mill operated as a working textile mill from 1822 to 1947. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, the mill now houses a complex of restaurants, antique and craft shops, artists-in-residence, and high-tech professional services.

The ghost expedition primarily focused on the oldest structures, the Carding and Spinning buildings which date to 1822.

Savage Mill is believed to be haunted by the spirits of former workers, and their children who met their unfortunate deaths there. Paranormal activity has been reported in the Carding Tower and Paymaster’s Office.

"One of the deaths was that of Rebecca King, a mill worker in the 1800s, who, while carrying cotton spools and other supplies, tripped and fell to her death in the mill’s tower.”

Another Savage Mill ghost is Frances Reeley, “a young daughter of the mill’s last superintendent in the 1940s.”  ”Little Frances is referred to as a prankster ghost.” 

She  reportedly “runs along the creaking floor boards and laughs and skips in the halls along with other young ghosts.”  She is also “known to trip people in staircases” and peer through windows. 

The SpiritGals paranormal team captured an EVP at Historic Savage Mill containing footsteps and a female child plaintively crying “Ma, Please Come Home…”

The expedition experimented with low-footprint technologies encompassing: data acquisition/tagging, RF spectrum analysis, and four-channel audio/sound stage(s).

The expedition concluded successfully on the morning of Oct 14 2012. Most equipment worked well in the field; however, sound stages lost power at times.  

Collection amounted to 32 hours of video, 24 hours of audio and 8 hours of sensor data from data acquisition sensors. 

Preliminary findings were presented before the Savage Historical Society on November 19, 2012

The findings indicated support for the haunting legend of Rebecca King (“Rebecca”) and (“Go Find Ms. King”).



Historic Savage Mill (circa 1900s). Maryland Historical Society

Historic Savage Mill view from Bollman Bridge (c1970), Historic American Engineering Record, Library of Congress

Historic Savage Mill, Ghost Expedition 2012, Video from Spinning Building, Oct 14 2012. Photo: Maryland Paranormal Research ®. All
rights reserved  

Historic Savage Mill, “Savage Mill Winter”, Feb 20 2010, Photo: ^~^Pointyears. All rights reserved


Haunted Brunswick Maryland: Brunswick Heritage Museum Ghost Expedition 2013

The Brunswick Heritage Museum celebrates the town’s legacy as a major rail hub for the historic Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad. Brunswick was once home to the world’s largest rail yard upon its completion in 1907.  

The museum is located in a building dating to 1904 and that once housed the Improved Order of Red Men, a drinking society whose origins trace to the secret patriotic societies before the American Revolution.  

For many decades the building was owned by another community-oriented secret society called the Fraternal Order of Eagles

According to various accounts, reports of haunted activity include: 

A woman in a white dress seen walking around the second floor. 

Instances of strange noises (footsteps/voices) and object displacement. 

Paranormal investigators recorded a sentence-length EVP “Have a Nice Day“, and “Smith”, a possible reference to the late physician Dr. JGF Smith.

Our investigation revealed indications of a helpful ghost curator, who would announce exhibits (or items within exhibits) that investigators were viewing.



[HAUNTING] in Anne Arundel County 2013/Arnold MD (“I’ve Been Here Too”)

http://maryland-paranormal.com RTC (“I’ve Been Here Too”) captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at a private residence [Arnold MD] Jul 20-21 2013. Possible entities in RTC/Ovilus-X attempt to re-engage investigators; one repeats (“I’ve Been Here Too”).  Audio was captured on a Zoom H2N Handy Recorder, MACKIE 1202-VLZ3 Mixer, and BEHRINGER XM1800 Dynamic Microphones. [AUDIO ENHANCED].

The Battle of Westminster [aka Corbit’s Charge], June 29 1863

Ambrotype of members of 1st Delaware Cavalry and 50th NY Engineers, on Main street, Westminster MD, (circa June 1863)  just before the Battle of Westminster, on June 29, 1863.

Captain Charles Corbit, of Company C 1st Delaware Cavalry led a raid Confederate cavalry forces, who were under the command of Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart. 

The skirmish also called “Corbit’s Charge" resulted in 25 casualties (4 dead and 21 wounded) and delayed the arrival of J.E.B Stuart to Battle of Gettyburg.

The remains of Lt John W Murray, a Confederate Officer killed in the battle, are still interned in Westminster at the Ascension Church cemetery.

The Civil War bears some relation to haunting legends at Cockey’s Tavern, rumored to haunted by the ghost of Confederate soldier.


Historical Society of Carroll County. Historical collection of Thomas S. Gordon Jr. Photographer: Henry B Grammar

Captain Charles Corbit and General J.E.B. Stuart, Union Mills Homestead. Corbit’s Charge Union Mills 1863. Courtesy of the Delaware Public Archives.

Abner Neal House, Westminster MD (c 1863). Civil War Talk, Delaying Jeb Stuart: Corbit’s Charge


[HAUNTING] in Anne Arundel County 2013/Arnold MD (“It’s Safer In Here”)

http://maryland-paranormal.com RTC (“It’s Safer In Here”) captured by Maryland Paranormal Research ® at a private residence [Arnold MD] Jul 20-21 2013. Possible child entity in stream of RTC/PSB7 responds to standard/control question by saying (“It’s Safer In Here”). Audio was captured on a Zoom H2N Handy Recorder, MACKIE 1202-VLZ3 Mixer, and BEHRINGER XM1800 Dynamic Microphones. [AUDIO ENHANCED].